Must Read Before Buying Samsung Galaxy M40

Samsung galaxy m40Must Read Before Buying Samsung Galaxy M40

Samsung is known for its innovations but with innovations there comes the risk of problems when the technology is new. Like wise in Samsung Galaxy M40 many users are facing problem with Screen Sound Technology (screen is transforms into speakers). Despite using a very good processor SnapDragon 675 from Qualcomm this mobile has heating issues. In this article I wont talk about features and specification because this things are easily available online. I am not saying this mobile is not good but many devices has manufacturing faults and now let us discuss some problems which is faced by many users of Samsung Galaxy M40.

5 problems majorly faced by Samsung Galaxy M40 users

  1. Screen flickering problem is faced by many users. Samsung is known for its display quality its quiet disappointing when things like this happens with Samsung mobile. No doubts that company replaces the device but many days gets wasted in this process.
  2. Heating issues are very common with this device. There are many users on online shopping channels complaining about mobile heating problem. SnapDragon 675 processor used in Samsung Galaxy M40 is good enough to handle heat but why still usres get this heating issues i dont understand. This is the issue which can be solved with firmware update and I hope company will do it soon.
  3. Earpiece sound not clear on calls. There is a lot of Echo in sound and sound is very much distorting and not clear at all while talking on calls. This is the major issue which is commonly complained by many of the users. According to me this is because of the new technology used by Samsung namely Screen Sound Technology. I understand it is new innovation but still company should check it properly before mobile reaches to masses.
  4. Camera quality is not good looking towards its price point. There are many users complaining about Camera quality. The main thing is there are now lots of brands giving good cameras in mobile below ₹15000/- so when Samsung Galaxy M40 price is ₹20000/- people expect more than what they are actually getting.
  5. Battery draining issues is also which is noticed and complained by some users. This problem can also be solved by firmware update lets see when Samsung Galaxy M40 users gets lucky to get any such update.


I am not against Samsung in fact i am one of the fans of Samsung mobile but still when i came to know about the problems faced by many Samsung Galaxy M40 users i thought it is worth to share this with my readers. Must read before buying Samsung Galaxy M40 and take right decision thats what i want. If you are Samsung Galaxy M40 user and getting any of this problems than let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

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